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(214) 414-0457 is located near DALLAS, Texas1 Call Number
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Operating company number (OCN) 7229
State Texas - TX
Telephone area codes in Texas
City / location1 DALLAS
Rate center (if different from city)
Effective date n/a
Assigned date n/a

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Why you are getting so many unwanted calls

Most legitimate companies will not call you if your phone number is on the Do Not Call Registry. However, scammers do not adhere to this rule and will relentlessly call as many phone numbers as possible. Current technology also makes it easy for them to “spoof” or fake the caller ID.

The best practice is to simply Not Answer calls from numbers you do not recognize and let it go to voicemail. Although that may not be practical for some, legitimate callers will usually leave a message and you can return those specific calls. You can from the FTC.

04/10/2017 — by Jan from TN

As with so many incoming calls these days; I have quit answering my phone unless I personally know who the caller is. I don't know why these companies keep trying; you would think that about everyone has quit answering their calls. I guess if anyone wants to get in touch with me, think USPS!!!


I have been getting calls from all over the place after I tried to fill out an application on-line for Securitas for a security guard. This number called at 4:22 PM on 3/13/17 and did not leave a message. Gene Vincennes Indiana


I go online to do job application,before i can complete my application my phone starts ringing this is one of the numbers that call, they give you the option to skip, but your information had already been seem, I am concern because when you start asking questions they done know the answer,if they are for real sure they know and beable to answer some of your questions, if you skip this section you have to call to complete your application, this take your focus away from what you are trying to do, I am doing


Keep receiving calls from this same number & they never leave a message. Calls or daily, no more than 2 per day.


Unwanted call from 214-414-0457. Actually a human voice said "This is Todd from GOFREECREDIT.com and probably attempted to switch me to the auto-message but it failed and disconnected (which was fine with me)


I keep receiving these phone calls from this number without a message. When I try to call back, the system doesn't recognize my phone number. If someone is contacting me all I need is a message.

If you continue to receive unwanted phone calls after your number has been registered with the for 31 days, you may .

1 The location of the phone number shown on this page is provided only as an approximation. Because of (LNP) rules, wireless devices & VoIP, the location can vary, and in some cases, significantly. We DO NOT verify or guarantee the information found on this website in any way.

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